'The Axeman from ACU has got me all flustered. He's strong assassin yet seems like a gentle lover, like he would put his partner's needs before his, and all I can think about is his rough hands touching every part of me. Goodness he is a very handsome, I wish I knew his name, and seems extremely loyal assassin. I'm kind of jealous of Arno cause he gets to be around Axeman. v//u//v what I wouldn't give to have a night with the man, not even having sex but just being each others arms and cuddling.'

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'I'm ridiculously attracted to Charles Lee, I'd love for him to go down on me until he's got me begging for him to fuck me then makes me shudder in his arms while I cum.'

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'I love Aveline. She’s just so perfect in every way. I just want her to kiss me and touch me in the nastiest ways possible. Then after we both orgasm we just lay in the bed, drinking tea and talk about life'

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'confession: George Washington or Thomas Hickey to brutally tear up my pussy while chocking me, and at the same time, Charles Lee roughly deep throats me.'

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'During Carnevale, you are pressed up against a wall by Ezio, masked and anonymous. While he fucks you he whispers to you in murmured, slightly breathless Italian.'

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'I like to think about The Prowler taking me roughly with his fingers digging into my soft thighs or wrapped around my throat. The sex would be possessive and angry and he would never fail to leave bruises to remind me who I belonged to.'

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Anonimo confessed: hey I was wondering if you got my confession? it had charles lee, george washington, and thomas hickey in it.

Yes, we received it and edited it. It should be up soon so keep a eye out for it! :) *Rosa 

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I imagine staying a night with Arno after we broke into a Plalais. They have huge beds in there and you know what that means …”

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Note: The bedroom in the background belonged to the queen in Versailles, as far as I know. If this is wrong, please correct me!

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'The assassin’s creed games made me realize I had a thing for older men. I can’t help it, they’re just so handsome and each of them has a unique personality and it’s just so hard for me to not to like them. Ugh it’s almost embarrassing with how much I find them sexy.'

(minus Aveline of course ;))  *Rosa 

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'Sometimes I like to imagine that I’m an assassin and my task is to spy on Haytham. But one day he would catch me in his room and I would beg for him not to kill me while he slams me against the wall. He’d say that if I really liked to watch him so much then I would get what I want. Haytham would tie me up in bed, pleasure me with his mouth while I’m just watching not allowed to touch him. But after having multiple orgasms I would beg for him to fuck me roughly and the gentleman he is, he obeys.'

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'I want a night lying under the stars with Connor when suddenly he climbs ontop of me and kisses my lips vigorously. He would tell me how much he loves me and then we’d have sweet passionate sex under the night sky.'

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'I just think that Connor would be so gentle in bed, slowly making love to you and constantly being incredibly aware of how enormous he is -everywhere-. But then there comes a point where he loses it and his inner animal takes over and he completely ravishes you, leaving you completely blindsided and thoroughly satisfied.'

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All the ladies (and gentlemen) that run the Dirty Assassin’s Creed Secrets blog, both past and present, are really cool people! They have been nothing but nice and do more than just simply moderate the blog. They’ve provided a safe place for everyone to confess their secrets, even if they’re weird or downright funny. But they don’t care, as long as everyone is enjoying it and no one is hating on each other! I also like how they role-play a bit of the brothel women from AC2: they’ve done so much and I miss the days when they would do the dirty polls as it really brought the fandom together. All in all, they’ve made the blog feel so alive that I’m thankful they are still in business! Keep up with the good work, ladies!

Aww, thank you very much! :’D

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'I just have a thing for being dominated so I really love to imagine the way Haytham would be the leading man in the bedroom. I just get very hot thinking about him pinning me against a wall and kissing me roughly, his hands trailing down my sides while I’m being trapped between the wall and his muscular, beautiful body. He would be the one taking off all our clothes and I just watch him doing so, and then he would take me against the wall.'


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"I want to exotically dance for altair and malik, tempting them and reprimanding them for trying to touch my body while i do so, only to have them both dominate me when i stop. Id love every hot and heavy minute of it~"

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