Anonimo confessed: This blog makes me so ''wet''. Thank you!

You are welcome. ;)

~ Signora Paola

'I wanna aggressively twerk to Lil’ Jon’s “Turn Down For What” all in front of Desmond’s face, right there on the bar table while he does his bartending thing. And then I’ll give him a lap dance to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”. He better give me tips for doing this.'

This makes me wish Nolan North would do Desmond’s rendition of “My anaconda don’t want none” (the same way Connor’s VA Noah Watts did  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

~ Sister Teodora

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'Ezio will always be my favourite. If he was real, I would tie him to my bed and make love to him nonstop. The only stop we’d get would be to eat, drink and maybe shower… but all these can lead to some more sex! Gosh, I love him so much…'

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'I would really like Axe-Man to suprise me while im showering and joins me, then it ends up with him fucking me against the wall in the shower until i cant stand anymore.'

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'Where is Charles Lee? Obviously not inside me or else I wouldn’t be sending this.'

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▸ To the anon who sent us the ‘Spicy Italian Sausage’ secret:

Hmm, if you do not mind, I will be combining both of your confessions into one. I have just the right pictures for all of this. I also hope you don’t mind me paraphrasing both confessions to make it into one smooth description.

~ Signora Paola

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▸ 'Porn star status' list has been updated

Two dirty secrets have become famous enough to make it to our ‘porn star wall of fame’ list, both being about Connor:

Here you go King Arthur


What is this, Twilight?

Now why am I not surprised that the ones that have the cheesy, trashy romance novel edits made it to the list………

~ Paola

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'I literally laughed so hard when Ezio grabbed Sister Teodora and she said “EZIO THAT IS NOT VERY GENTLEMANLY OF YOU” but then again, I can’t judge him. After all, I’m not going to lie, Sister Teodora is fiiiiine. Mhm. That boobage. And I’m not ashamed to admit I’m someone of the female persuasion.'

Sister Teodora appreciates this very much, anon~ <3

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▸ Please welcome our new admins!

To all of those who have requested for the admin spot, we thank you for your time. Unfortunately, they have already been filled. However, you are free to apply again whenever another spot becomes open.

Now we would like to thank james-kiddo and alafairftw for all the hard work they have done for this blog. Both have been around for quite a long time, and even longer for james-kiddo. She was one of the first to help out back then when DACS was only moderated by one admin. She’s going to stick around longer to help out with the oncoming dirty polls (we are going to have ones for the women at last!), but after this, she’ll retire from making edits.

We will surely miss you both, and we hope you do well in your future endeavors!

We would also like to welcome hellomrkenway and theblu3slush, respectfully as the new Caterina Sforza and Fiora Cavazza!

So for those who submitted their confessions and have been waiting patiently, we appreciate your wait. Your confessions will be published as soon as possible!


~ Paola

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'I want Nicholas Biddle to piddle on my tittles.'

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'John Pitcairn’s voice is so soothing to me. Imagine that soothing Scottish accent talking dirty to you as he brings you closer to the edge. Or imagine him whispering encouraging words to you through your first time.'

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'I want Connor to bury his dick so deep in me whoever could pull it out would be crowned King Arthur.'

Blame my sudden desire to turn every Fabio cover I see into a torrid Assassin romance novel for this. *coughs* (‘-’*)

~ Sister Teodora

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Assassin’s Creed III: Mad Men/Jet Age AU  ✈  An AU where the Kenways are captains of the skies and the women are glamourous stewardesses

  • Inspired by [x] and [x]

Mohawk Airlines was founded in 1945 and based in Ithaca, NY. In 1958, Mohawk became the first airline to hire a Black woman as a stewardess. Another first for the airline included the advent of handling reservation services by computer databases in 1961 and being the first to use flight simulators for their flight schools.

In 1971, the airline strikes had become so problematic that Mohawk looked to their longtime rival, the Pittsburgh-based Allegheny Airlines about a merger, which was completed in 1972. Both companies were eventually acquired by USAir in 1979, and the company name is better known today as US Airways.

Just a little something I made for my lovely followers whose dirty secrets give me some interesting inspiration. ;) Thank you for helping these two confessions reach the porn star list!

— Paola

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'GOD I just want Charles Lee to shove his hard cock up my ass and pound me into the matress. I’d be death gripping the sheets as an anchor and half screaming, half moaning incoherent thoughts. He’ll yank my head back and mumble into my ear “You love the way my cock fills your arse, don’t you?” and all I’ll be able to do is nod and whimper. Then he’ll release my head and starting fingering me roughly as I near orgasm. He’d cum too, squirting it all over my ass. I can’t stop thinking about this.'

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asscreed confessed: THIS BLOG IS AMAZING

Well thank you. We do our best to  please you all. :)