I’m not gonna lie, I want Blackbeard to dominate me in bed. Just the thought of him tying me up so I can’t move is enough to get me wet.”

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The Dirty Crossover Confessions

A while back, we have received some confessions that included characters from other fandoms (anything with Alex Mercer from Prototype seems to be quite popular, due to the similarities in the Assassin uniforms). There is now a blog dedicated to sharing all of your dirty secrets about your out-of-this-fandom pairings! So help this blog by submitting them there~


—Girls of Rosa in Fiore

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▸ Update progress

The tag list is still being updated; however, the following characters are now available for viewing:

The more major AC4 characters such as Mary Read, Charles Vane, etc. have already been on the tags page for a while. We added more AC4 characters on the list as well as confessions from lesser known AC characters, such as Pantasilea and Salai from Brotherhood or Rafiq from the first AC game.

If you have submitted a confession before for a minor AC character, and it still has not appeared on the list, please let us know!



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▸ Added more AC4: Black Flag characters to the tag list.

It’s about time the tag pages had an update; I added more Black Flag characters to the list now. If you see any that I have forgotten and you submitted a confession before for the missing character, please let me know!



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'I want to be the one who brakes Vane, I want to fight with him, until I finally dominate him and fuck him so hard up the ass, he starts begging me to let him cum.'

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Anonimo confessed: so i'm not sure if this "lady writer" person (from the edward fanfic) is taking fanfiction (if she isn't please just ignore this message), but if (s)he is, could i request something with charles vane and/or benjamin hornigold?


So please dear wonderful Fanfiction Writer: If you see this, someone has a request for you! :)


'I want Charles Vane and Edward to shove me against a wall and trail kisses down my neck and shoulders while fighting over who they think I like more.'

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Anonimo confessed: I always was a straight girl until I found this blog. Now I have so many dirty fantasies with all three Kenways! Edward, Haytham and Connor are just so hella hot!! :D

(Sorry if this was meant to be a confession)

Yaaaay! We are so happy about that. But it is not our work, all the confessions are products of our wonderful followers. We only add the fantasies and confessions on screenshots and fanarts.

We wish you endless fun with our blog!


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'Lately,I’ve found myself becoming attracted to Charles Vane. I don’t know what it is. There’s something about a guy like him that can turn a girl on…'

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▸ Only 3 confessions in the queue left!

Come on darlings and dudes! We need some beautiful and dirty fantasies!


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Wow, we are only 300 away from reaching 2,000! To hit 1,700 is quite a feat! We would like to thank you all for the continued support of this blog, and for helping it stay alive for over a year now! :’D Keep those dirty secrets coming!

Molte grazie,

The women of Rosa in Fiore

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"As a bisexual woman, I want a threesome with Mary Read and Edward Kenway. I would scissor with Mary while sucking Edward."

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"I want to fuck Edward on his map desk"

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"Whether he’s 17, 43 or 50 - I don’t care. I lust after Ezio no matter how old he is. I feel bad for my boyfriend, though."

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"While I was showering I couldn’t help but think of Desmond there with me, slowly fucking me against the wall while the water and soap ran down both of our bodies. I ended up getting off to the thought and I came so hard I literally almost blacked out from how intense my orgasm was. All I have to say is hot damn son…"

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