'I want TOKW Connor and I to be sitting under the stars near a warm campfire on the frontier. As I stare up at the stars in amazement of their beauty, Connor is looking at me the same way I’m looking at the stars. Pure love in both of our eyes. I ask him “What is it?” as he’s staring at me and he smiles his child-like smile, grabs my face in his hands and pulls me toward him. I climb on top of him and we remove each other’s shirts. Being gentle with each other, we lose our virginity together.'

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"The Asscreed characters are all really hot, to the point where I’m 90% sure Asscreed is directly responsible for my (admittedly late) sexual awakening.”

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"It puts me to sleep just daydreaming that Maria would die early (I know I’m horrid) and then Altair would find new love in me and fuck me hard all day like I have become his new reason to continue existing. He would love me and be so full of lust for me and only me.”

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"I wish that Ezio was real, so I could marry him. I would gladly let him have his way with me. I want a piece of that hot Italian ass!”

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'Ezio being a little too chatty one morning so to shut him up you stuff a rag in his mouth and go down on his cock'

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Anonimo confessed: Can we just take a moment to appreciate Connor Kenway with a Mohawk? I mean seriously, hot damn.


Mhmmmm~ ;)

He’s a cutie!

-Fiora Cavazza

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'I want one of the assassins, or templar, to have an obsession with me. When he or she sees me with someone else they would become overwhelmed with rage and jealousy to the point where they would do anything to have me.' 

You didn’t tell me which assassin/templar you wanted. So I hope you like these two (Thomas Hickey and Connor) ;) *Rosa

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'I think Desmond is just so sexy, I just wanna take all of his clothes off and tie him down to a chair so that he can’t move. After blindfolding him, I gag those pretty lips of his and suck him so that he’s nice and hard before I put a cock ring around his dick. As I slowly sink down onto him, I tell him, he can only cum when I say so, and with that I start to ride him whilst all he can do is writhe and moan beneath me.'

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'I want to have a night with Desmond Miles of just laying there watching the stars and me listening to him chat about anything~'

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'The Axeman from ACU has got me all flustered. He's strong assassin yet seems like a gentle lover, like he would put his partner's needs before his, and all I can think about is his rough hands touching every part of me. Goodness he is a very handsome, I wish I knew his name, and seems extremely loyal assassin. I'm kind of jealous of Arno cause he gets to be around Axeman. v//u//v what I wouldn't give to have a night with the man, not even having sex but just being each others arms and cuddling.'

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'I'm ridiculously attracted to Charles Lee, I'd love for him to go down on me until he's got me begging for him to fuck me then makes me shudder in his arms while I cum.'

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'I love Aveline. She’s just so perfect in every way. I just want her to kiss me and touch me in the nastiest ways possible. Then after we both orgasm we just lay in the bed, drinking tea and talk about life'

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'confession: George Washington or Thomas Hickey to brutally tear up my pussy while chocking me, and at the same time, Charles Lee roughly deep throats me.'

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'During Carnevale, you are pressed up against a wall by Ezio, masked and anonymous. While he fucks you he whispers to you in murmured, slightly breathless Italian.'

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'I like to think about The Prowler taking me roughly with his fingers digging into my soft thighs or wrapped around my throat. The sex would be possessive and angry and he would never fail to leave bruises to remind me who I belonged to.'

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