"I fantasize about Altair, Ezio and Arno being in a room together and me watching them sort out who’d be dominant in bed. Then I would saunter up to the bed with handcuffs and a wicked grin, telling them they’re in for a long night.”

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"I want to have a threesome with Arno and Elise where Arno is fucking my ass and Elise is eating me out. That fantasy just instantly turns me on.”


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"I’ll confess I want Élise de la Serre to pin me down and to rip my clothes off. I want her to suck me off slowly as I start to get hard and then slowly get on top of me. I’ll start to pick up the pace and try different positions with her, basically fucking her brains out.”

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"I want Ezio to bend me over and slowly eat me out from behind until I’m squirming and begging for more. Then he pushes his fingers deep into me and fucks me with them until I come.”

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'I instantly fell in love with Altair and Malik. I think both are completely & ridiculously hot. I imagine them to have a thing going on all the years… I so want to be the third, watching them having rough bloody sex and joining now and then…'

Screencap [x]

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Anonimo confessed: Once I dreamed that Kadar had survived to the Templars in Solomon's temple. One day he enters the bereau of Jerusalem and finds his brother. The two embrace in tears of happiness, then they kiss on the cheeks, then on the lips. Without realizing themselves to have sweet sex in bed of Malik.

Hello darling,

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'I imagine Connor coming home at night, in a bad mood, and takes his anger out on me. He kisses me roughly, and his muscular, large fingers squeezing and grabbing all over my body. He pulls my clothes off as quickly as he can, and his as well. I can imagine him bending me over the counter and fucking me while he moans loudly and pushes his fingers in my mouth to keep me a bit quiet. He pulls out, and then forces himself into my mouth, grabbing my hair and neck. He then cums, moaning loudly.'

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'Ever since I saw their character designs, I’ve wanted a threesome with Lady Black and The Puppeteer. I imagine passionately kissing Lady Black whilst The Puppeteer gets on her knees and starts sucking me off. We then strip down to nothing, apart from The Puppeteer, who keeps her mask on, and then I start fucking one whilst I tongue fuck the other, before swapping round, and all three of us orgasm simultaneously.'

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One of my favorite scenarios to imagine is giving Connor his first blowjob. Since he’s so oblivious to things such as sex, I love to think that he wouldn’t know what was going on. He would tangle his fingers in my hair while I went down on him, unconsciously pushing my head down further and further, tugging on my locks every now and then. And when he came? He would moan loudly without shame, and damn, that would be an amazing reward to hear.

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Whenever I see Axeman I think of the guy from the ACU parkour video, he’s so sexy to the point where I fantasise about him as Axeman having his hot, rough, sexy way with me making me beg for him to fuck me after endless teasing, making me a hot mess under him.”

Sources (x)(x)


Note: "That guy, that played Axeman in the AC:U Parcour Video" is called Yoann Zephyr Leroux. Visit his facebook page and say him hi! -> (x)

For further addition here are “Icecream”, also called Simon Noguiera (x)

And Mr. “Greencoat”, known as Johan Tonnoir (x)

-Fiora Cavazza

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epikalia confessed: "Ne me suivez pas, sauf si vous voulez que cela se produise à nouveau" translates to "Don't follow me, unless you want that to happen again."

Thank you very much! :)

-Fiora Cavazza

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I’m a Templar that goes to a ball to stop Arno from signing a very important deed. He discovers my presence, and snatches me into a closet and crushes me against a wall. He ravishes me, kissing me hard on the lips until I get hot and bothered before hiking up my dress and fucking me hard against the wall until I’m helpless and moaning his name. He whispers against my lips, “Ne me suivez pas, sauf si vous voulez que cela se produise à nouveau,” before smirking and continuing his business”

"Ne me suivez pas, sauf si vous voulez que cela se produise à nouveau" translates to "Don’t follow me, unless you want that to happen again." (Translation provided by epikalia)

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I have always had a fantasy about Ezio punishing me. It involves me being his apprentice assassin and failing him on a mission for the brotherhood. He would decide to teach me a lesson, by throwing me over his knee, furiously lifting up my robes and pulling down my pants and then spanking my bare ass repeatedly, whilst cursing at me in Italian telling me what a bad girl I am, till I desperately beg him to fuck me which he’d do so, hard rough and fast.”

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'I want Haytham to pin me to a wall and try to convince me to join the templars, and when i do, he rewards me by giving me hot passionate sex that doesn't let me walk for a few days.'

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Anonimo confessed: I literally spent over an hour reading all the dirty confessions on this blog, or maybe even more than that.

ergo: The followers and the admins, but especially our followers, did really good work.

♡ Shout out, to all you beautiful people! ♡

-Fiora Cavazza

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