Oh my lovelies, we have reached another milestone! I am so happy to see this blog growing every month! To think that we have come this far and close to 2,000 is beyond my dreams!

Let’s hope for 100 more and 2,000 strong! Thank you all who have supported us over the year!

~ Signora Paola

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'I picture myself spending time in the bureau with Malik, helping him with maps and reaching high to get more scrolls for him, only to have him hug me from behind, mumble how he needs me against my neck, nuzzling affectionately and nipping my ear gently. I confess to feeling the same and we make slow, passionate love together.'

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'I want the sexy, gruffy, hot Latino assassino, Raphael Sánchez from “Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery” to take me away to a secluded alley, press up against me and whisper to my ear: “You are perfecto.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‎'

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Shay just confirms that I have a thing for rugged men. If he showed up at my door I would be all over that hot Templar.

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'Recently I've been fantasizing about Haytham Kenway. I imagine Connor would get captured by the templars and I would be determined to get him back. I'd then manage to capture Haytham and have him chained to a wall. He would refuse to tell me anything, so i would torture him with pleasure, bringing him so close to an orgasm again and again, but never allowing him to cum. Finally he'd give in and tell me where Connor was. I'd then reward him by fucking him until he couldn't take it anymore'

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'OK LADIES I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE: This kind of goes with the Kenways-in-suits confession, but you know how the AC devs said that Haytham was supposed to be a sort of ‘evil James Bond’? Well now I can’t help but picture Haytham dressed in a suit, Mad Men-style and lounging in a chair, all the while puffing a cigar with one hand and swirling around a glass of whiskey in the other. Imagine him commanding you to take off your clothes slowly with this image of him in mind. Dayum!’

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Ehem. Again, I couldn’t resist making a manip of this. /o/

~ Sister Teodora

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'I want to ride Brotherhood!Ezio hard. I want him to fuck me with is nice, big cock until I beg for mercy. He’d be doing it all hard and deep and I’d be calling his name all the time. And when we’re done, he would be caring and charming afterwards.'

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'I had one of those sex dreams with Connor most recently. I recall that I was sleeping in my underwear and then, a knock on my bedroom door. It was Connor that said that he needed something. Shortly after I got something he needed, he started getting very close to me. He started kissing me and run hands all over me. Then, the clothes came off. He often did ask questions of how to do it since a virgin, but I gave him an “example”. He entered me slow and smooth, then it got very hot and intense.'

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'I sometimes think about Haytham (or “Master Kenway”) sneaking up on me, hugging me from behind, kissing my neck and talking dirty to me while letting his hands explore my body. He would bend me over and keep touching and teasing me until I begged for more. He would start off slowly, getting rougher and rougher every second, pulling my hair and making me moan loudly.'

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Only if it wasn’t for Leonardo’s paintings..Ezio could have been banging with Lucrezia..Banging doors..or…yeah, banging doors.

Perhaps, or another reason why he did not kiss Lucrezia and went further was because he suddenly remembered at that moment, “Ah, she fucked her brother! Disgusting!”

~ Paola

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'I don’t know how everyone can just choose between all these hot-ass characters, seriously, I would sell my soul to have them all as my personal masculine harem, templars and assassins equally, I would fuck them whenever I wanted to and they would be just too obsessed with me that they would fight each other for my attention and my treatments, my favorites for sure would be Ezio, Yusuf, Cesare and Haytham, just imagining the variety of sex, how each one would do it their own way makes me horny.'

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'Everytime I see Mary Read’s shirt opened, I always see it as an invitation to suck on those cute tits of hers. I always picture myself ripping her shirt wide open and getting a taste of them and have her do the same thing to me. I also picture myself pushing my breasts up against hers while making out with her. Both thoughts make me cum so hard.'

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'I haven’t seen any confessions about machiavelli so here it goes the first one I guess, I find Machiavelli incredible sexy, even though he appears to be a very respectful and chaste man, I’m sure that he is al dirty and rough in bed and that he is very good at dirty talk, so good that would manage to make me come without even touching me, only words.'

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'I want a threesome with Haytham and Shay~'

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It seems like the sexual prowess of the Kenway line has decreased generation by generation.

image from madeinmasyaf

Well, this just makes Connor’s virginity a prize for his fans. ;)

~ Signora Paola

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