'I want to be dominated by Ziio, have her put a collar around my neck and whip my ass / back and later reward me by letting me suck on her tits / drink her milk (because damn, just imagine lactating Ziio).'

'I was watching my boyfriend play AC1 yesterday and then Altaïr started doing those grunts when he’s jumping. Because my boyfriend resembles Altaïr so much it’s unreal, it didn’t help me to restrain myself. Holy shit, I got so hot and bothered, I had to tell my boyfriend to pause it and I went down on him then and there. Je ne regrette rien.’

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Greetings our lovely patrons,

I have temporarily closed Asks for the meantime as we go through your confessions (you’ve been very enthusiastic for the past several days! <3). That said, you are still free to submit your very own confession edit if you wish to do so.

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'I’m a straight male… but Altaïr, Ezio, Connor, Edward and Arno have made me seriously question my sexuality. Even my girlfriend is getting a little jealous ;)'

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'Sometimes when I touch myself I always like to think Connor is the one fingering me and he starts telling me dirty things in my ear like “you like that don’t you” it’s the best thing I like to imagine'

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I want to fuck Charles Lee with his Pomeranians watching

(Art x)

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I would love to be the personal submissive to Elise. She could tie me up and just use me as an object for her pleasure. Also she and her high class Templar associates could have parties where I am the party favor. I could be bound in a room full of the Templar elite of Paris and made to service them all. The men would take turns using my ass while the women switch off riding me. And as this is going on I must also orally service any and everyone.

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I had a dream that I was kidnapped by Shay to tell him where my Brothers were but I wouldn’t tell him, so he started to tease me by kissing, licking and nipping at different parts of my body until. Not able to take it anymore, I screamed out where my Brothers were. He just looks at me with a smug ass smile then he moves toward me and places a teasing kiss to my lips then heard him whisper, ‘good girl’.

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'I would fuck Rebecca in the ass extremely hard and suck her tits. Damn she’s hot'

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'Ever since the new stills of Unity came out I haven’t stopped from thinking about Arno fucking me hard in his civilian clothing, I just want that french hottie to take me against a wall with his clothes on while I’m a naked mess against him, I can’t stop imagining how hard the thrusts would be and how he would be panting and whispering dirty things in my ear, leaving hickeys all over my neck and shoulders and how he would say my name when he reaches the climax, it just makes me so wet.'

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'The other night, I had a dream about Malik. I was his mistress, sneaking into the assassin’s Bureau, and had sex with him in this secret backroom. Malik was laying on those fancy silk pillows and rugs, while I was riding on top of him. We were about to get rougher until we heard a loud knocking on the desk in the other room, which annoyed me and Malik because that meant Altaïr was there. Malik got up in the middle of what were were doing, and that made me mad. Altaïr, why must you cock-block!?'

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I’m an artistic person myself, so I have this little crush on Leonardo. I imagine me and him as art students (in a modern au) sharing the same class together. We were paired for an art project. One night, while working together, we would get so overwhelmed by lust that we just start making out then I end the night by riding him. Ah! The image of his perfect blue eyes rolling back is perf! ((Is that how u do it?))

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A threesome with Arno and Connor. Arno would teach to Connor everything he knows about pleasuring a woman even if he is younger than him.”

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"I often imagine having passionate sex with Arno in Notre-Dame. His gorgeous hands would be running all over my shivering body making me moan for more. The only lights would be the candles and moonlight piercing through the stained-glass windows. He would make sure I would be satisfied before him and then he would gently pull me into an embrace, his powerful arms holding me tight against his pulsating torso. We would kiss again and again, swearing each other we would survive the revolution…”

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"I’ve been growing rather fond of Adéwalé lately, and I like to imagine how gentle he would be with me, since he would keep in mind that he could easily hurt me if he wanted. The lovemaking would be slow and sweet, with his large hands, roughened from plantation work and life at sea, touching me so carefully. I love thinking about how much my really pale skin would contrast against his much darker body. Afterwards, he would hold me close, stroke my hair and back, and cuddle me to sleep.”

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